Garlic powder production line

The garlic powder production line mainly includes garlic clove separator, garlic peeling machine, garlic slicer, garlic dehydrator, garlic powder grinder, garlic powder packaging machine, etc.

Garlic powder production line

The garlic powder production line will get dried garlic powder from raw garlic. It mainly goes through the processes of garlic clove separation, peeling, slicing, dehydration, milling, and packaging. The garlic powder obtained by using the garlic powder processing plant has uniform fineness. And the final garlic powder is packaged, making it easy to transport and store. The machines in this garlic powder production line can also be purchased and used separately.

Why should garlic be processed into garlic powder?

Garlic deep processing refers to garlic products made from raw garlic through certain processing techniques. The deep-processed garlic products include garlic powder, garlic slices, garlic mash, black garlic, garlic oil, and other products. Deep-processed garlic products can increase the utilization rate of garlic and obtain greater economic benefits. The garlic powder made by dehydration and milling has the functions of promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, clearing heat, and detoxifying. Compared with garlic, garlic powder is more convenient to eat.

Garlic powder production process

The garlic powder production process is: the garlic cloves are separated, peeled, sliced, dehydrated, milled, and packaged.

Garlic powder production process
Garlic Powder Production Process

Separate the whole garlic into individual garlic cloves, and then remove the outer skin of the garlic. Cut the whole garlic into slices, use a dehydrator to dehydrate, grind and package. Then you can get the finished garlic powder.

Description of garlic powder processing machines

Garlic clove separator machine

Garlic clove separator machine
Garlic Clove Separator Machine

A garlic clove separator is a machine used to separate garlic cloves. It mainly imitates the manual action of people to rub the garlic cloves to separate the garlic cloves. The main purpose of using this machine to separate garlic cloves is to facilitate garlic peeling. This machine is widely used in garlic cloves of different sizes.

Garlic peeling machine

Chain type garlic skin peeling machine
Chain Type Garlic Skin Peeling Machine

According to the different garlic production capacities, there are two types of garlic peeling machines: small and chain plate peeling machines. Both of these two garlic peeling machines use the same peeling principle, that is, air compression technology peeling. The automatic garlic peeling machine acts on the peeling of dried garlic. And it has no requirements on the variety and size of garlic.

Small commercial garlic peeler
Small Commercial Garlic Peeler

Garlic slicer machine

Garlic slicer machine
Garlic Slicer Machine

The garlic slicer uses a multifunctional root vegetable slicer. It can be used to cut potatoes, cucumbers, taro, yam, ginger, and other raw materials. In addition, the garlic slices cut by this machine are uniform in thickness, smooth in cut surface, and fast in cutting speed. The whole machine adopts food-grade stainless steel, which meets food safety and sanitation standards.

Garlic dehydrator

Garlic slice dehydrator machine
Garlic Slice Dehydrator Machine

The garlic dehydrator can use different types of dryers, depending on the dehydration output. It is a multifunctional fruit and vegetable dehydrator. The heating energy can be electricity, gas, biomass particles, waste materials, etc. The garlic dehydrator is operated by an intelligent control panel, and the entire dehydration process is operated by an intelligent control panel. The operation is simple, the drying output is large, and the temperature control is automatically adjusted.

Garlic powder grinding machine

Garlic powder grinding machine
Garlic Powder Grinding Machine

The garlic powder grinding machine mainly grinds garlic into powder by the relative movement between the movable tooth disc and the fixed tooth disc. The fineness of the powder is controllable. The fineness of the powder ground by this machine is uniform. And it has low noise during the grinding process and has a special dust collection device. It is a very popular machine in the food and pharmaceutical industries. This machine can grind garlic, ginger, tea, pepper, and other products.

Garlic powder packaging machine

Garlic powder packing machine
Garlic Powder Packing Machine

The garlic powder packaging machine is a semi-automatic weighing and filling powder packaging machine. The machine has the functions of metering, filling, sealing, and transmitting. It can choose a variety of bag-clamping structures according to the customer’s packaging materials and packaging bag form. The machine uses a touch screen to control the operation of the machine. The packaging process is automated and the packaging specifications can be adjusted.

Features of garlic powder production line

  • The production line is a small and medium-sized garlic processing line, with simple production process and easy operation of equipment.
  • All garlic processing machines are made of food-grade materials.
  • The machines in the garlic powder production line can be customized according to the production output and needs of customers
  • The garlic processing machine has a stable structure and simple operation. It is the best choice for customers to produce garlic powder.